Mari Trancoso

Understanding the Art of Storytelling with Mari Trancoso

Mari Trancoso‘s photography journey had a low-key beginning. An ex-professional dancer, she bought her first camera, a second-hand piece from Facebook Marketplace, with the hope of becoming an Instagram mom. However, her natural understanding of light and appreciation of it presented her with the opportunity to immortalize that essence through photographs.

Mari made her transition from family photography to weddings through the advice and support she received from her local Chicago community. She started shadowing other photographers at weddings before inevitably becoming a second shooter.

From early on, Mari understood that the wedding industry demanded a level of perfection and business acumen beyond taking good photos. She found a balance in viewing weddings as different scenes in a movie. Each held a unique story, texture, and note which she masterfully captures in her photographs.

The Essence of Style and the Influence of Art

When discussing style, inspiration, and creativity in her work, Mari shares her unique approach informed by her love for the expressions of art. Whether it’s finding inspiration from lines in songs or instrumental melodies that move her, to seeing shapes, movements, or colors that are reminiscent of dance moves; she has honed her ability to turn these influences into storytelling elements in her photography.

Mari’s photos showcase these influences, echoing a cinematic aesthetic merged with hints of vintage and Renaissance eras—a true testament to her love for fine art.

Overcoming Personal Struggles and Burnout

Despite her successes, Mari shares candidly about her experiences with burnout and personal challenges. She details her struggle through a taxing relationship breakup, a move, and the aftershocks of PTSD.

The combination of these circumstances led to an extended period of burnout. However, remarkably, Mari overcame the turbulence by focusing on her love for photography and creating while continuing to provide for her family.

Onward and Beyond: What’s Next for Mari Trancoso?

Looking into the future, Mari is gearing up to undertake more workshops to enhance her public speaking skills. She also plans to release her preset pack on her 30th birthday, which she hopes will reflect her evolving style and unique perspective.

Through her journey, Mari Trancoso exemplifies the power of passion, resilience, and creativity in mastering the art and business of wedding photography. It’s a reminder that owning a camera doesn’t automatically make one a photographer—it’s the story that unfolds through each shot that truly creates a resilient photographer. And for Mari, that story is one of profound experiences, growth, and a whole lot of inspiring artistry.