Tell me if this sounds familiar to you -

You’re at the ceiling of your local wedding photography market. And every day, it seems like new photographers are just getting their start. But, if you raise your prices anymore, you’ll outprice yourself for the local market. So that leaves you booking clients you’re less than thrilled about at a rate that doesn’t suit your value. 

All the while, you spend hours (in between editing sessions), scrolling Instagram and dreaming about what it’d be like to explore the streets of Paris, Marrakesh, Venice, Tulum, Bali, and everywhere else, during a glowing sunset session with your newly married couple. 

“I’m struggling to meet my financial goals while photographing weddings at the local level. How would I ever find financial freedom trying to get into destination wedding photography?” 

“I’m not sure how this is going to work. And I’d be giving up some decent paying clients in the process of trying to reach better paying ones worldwide.”

“Didn’t a marketing guru tell me that if I’m marketing to everyone, I’m marketing to no one? How do people even find me if I’m not in one local place?”

“I don’t know who my ideal client is where I am now. How will I discover who my dream couples are for destination weddings?”

It feels like an impossible dream...

After all, wouldn’t trying to break into the destination wedding photography market be like starting over from square one? 

What are the steps you have to take to even get there? 

How do you pivot your marketing strategy and your entire business to start attracting dream clients that want to pay you to travel? 

Because you might be thinking, “that’s incredible that they’re getting to do it. But it could never happen to me.” 

Or maybe one of these other imposter-syndrome-thoughts has recently surfaced:

If even one of those statements resonates with you, don’t worry! 

You’re not alone.

The very same people you’re looking at on Instagram — who are traveling the world while tagging along for couples’ weddings — had to navigate those same things

And if they did it, then you can, too. 

But. What if you didn’t have to start from square one?

What if you had an inside look at how they did it so you can avoid the mistakes and setbacks — and create success faster. 

What if you had a step-by-step plan and process — already laid out for you. 

And what if you had someone who was in your exact shoes a few years ago, but now travels the world for epic destination weddings, to guide you in pivoting your business. 

So instead of scouring the internet chasing a dream that seems too far out of reach, all you have to do is follow the plan and put it into action in your business. 

Imagine if you had the exact framework to help you

Travel to your top-of-the-bucket-list destinations to photograph epic weddings with your favorite kind of client – and get paid to do it. Think of London, Paris, Jamaica, Morocco, Lake Como, Hawaii, and more!

Make the income you want to make so you can design a life full of adventure and financial freedom that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning

Get out of the hustle and grind of the local-level wedding photography market, and scale your business to a level that isn’t possible if you stayed where you are now.  

Reignite your passion for photographing weddings because you’re not shooting in the same location, at the same venues. Instead, you’re experiencing new places that you’ve never seen, and you’re getting creative with how to capture its essence!

Break up the monotony that comes with the same standard weddings that leave you feeling less of an artist, and more of a point-and-shooter

Gain financial freedom by working with high-end clients who want (and can willingly afford) to pay you what you and your art is worth to travel for their wedding day 

Experience the luxury part of travel that you may not otherwise get access to with your current clients at the local level. From super massive luxury party villas in Mykonos to Riva boats on Lake Como, you’ll step into a brand new world! 

We’re uncovering the proven model that we used for ourselves and other students to pivot from the local level into multi 6-figure destination wedding photographers. 


Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography

Discover your signature photography style and your true ideal client who’s looking for someone like you. Find out how to establish yourself in the destination wedding photography market. And book couples who want to pay you to travel. 

Learn from seasoned, multi 6-figure destination wedding photographers to: 

→ Redefine your brand foundations in the destination wedding photography market
→ Create content that your ideal client is actively looking for, instead of content that’s causing you to blend in
→ Build a marketing action plan that keeps the wedding photography leads coming in - even when you’re not actively posting to Instagram
→ Travel for destination weddings like you’re a seasoned pro - even if you’ve never done it before

We’re not teaching you how to use a camera – you already know that.

We’re showing you how to be a business owner and a destination wedding photographer. That’s the key to tapping into the worldwide market! 

So if you’re wanting to break into the destination wedding photography market, but you just need someone to tell you the exact steps to go from *crickets* to $10K+ destination wedding inquiries… 

Get crystal clear on your ideal client and signature photography style. Play to your strengths and stand out from the crowd. You won’t be shouting into an endless void. You’ll know exactly who you’re talking to, anytime you create content for your business.

Wave goodbye to the uneasy feeling of not knowing where your next client is coming from. You’ll have an exact marketing action plan to make sure you’re consistently bringing in bookings – even when you’re busy photographing your current clients

Travel like you’re a seasoned pro - even if you’ve never done it before. From knowing how to book your travel accommodations to knowing what to take and how to pack, you’ll learn it all. And when you travel for your first client, you’ll be amazed at how easy it feels. 

… then you’ll love that by the end of Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography, you’ll:

Your Course Itinerary

You’re going to get the what, why, and how to pivot your current brand into a premium destination wedding photography business. 

Lesson 1: Get really clear on your niche

Lesson 2: Defining Your Brand Values

Lesson 3: Discovering Your Signature Photography Style

Lesson 4: Locating Your Dream Destination

Lesson 5: Why Luxury Isn’t a Bad Word

Lesson 6: Finding Your Ideal Client

By the end of Module 1, you’ll have everything you need to make the best decisions for your brand as you pivot into destination wedding photography. 

That includes: 
  • Knowing exactly what sets you apart from everyone else in the industry 
  • Finally getting crystal clear on who your ideal client is so you can speak directly to them
  • Nailing down the destination you love and want to focus on first! Hello to the start of being a world-traveler and wedding photographer! 

Module 1

LESSON 1: You have a unique super power

LESSON 2: Swot, say what? 


Lesson 4: It's time to gaze over your competition 

Lesson 5: Did you know your company needs a mission + Vision statement? 

Lesson 6: YOur brand is so much more than your logo! 

Let's start to dig into your business foundation and blue print for everything you do going forward. 

We’re showing you…
  • Why it's important to tackle some of the "boring" parts of your business.
  • Why it's important to know your strengths and face some of your weaknesses.
  • How a mission statement can help your clients connect with you on a deep level.
  • That a brand is so much more than the visuals! 

Module 2

LESSON 1: What is content and why is it so fundamental for your business

LESSON 2: You have heard of content pillars before but I bet not like this before! 

LESSON 3: Using Styled Shoots to attract your dream clients. 

With your brand foundations set (thanks to Module 1), you’re ready to start creating content that stands out from the crowd.

We’re showing you…
  • How to build a portfolio couples swoon over, even without ever working as a second shooter for an established destination wedding photographer 
  • What you need to do to build trust with the couples who want to book a destination wedding in your favorite location

Module 3









Your dream clients don’t know you exist, unless you tell them, right? That’s exactly what we’re showing you how to do in this module. 

* Get your hands on our #1 marketing strategy that’s the key behind making six-figures
* Finally understand how to use all of the marketing tools to their full power so you can get in front of your dreamiest clients
* Use these lessons to make sure you’re never scraping, scrounging, and searching for more leads when your current pipeline dries up

Module 4





You love the art behind being a wedding photographer. But you’re also a business owner. 

That’s why we’ve put together this module, where you’ll learn: 
* How to make selling easy, without ever feeling pushy or sleazy
* The exact formula behind pricing your services to meet your financial dreams
* How you can serve your clients and make more money

Module 5




LESSON 4: Timelines-manage a perfect schedule no matter where you are! 



Traveling for a local wedding? Much different than gearing up to travel across the world! In your final module, you’ll learn: 

  • How to take the stress and overwhelm out of traveling to photograph weddings – even if you’ve never done it before! 
  • What to do when you get where you’re going so every wedding from here on out is easy breezy. 
  • Our favorite tips and advice for staying connected in the wedding industry, so you’re always booked with destination wedding couples! 

Module 6

We’re confident this program works, but only if you do. 

And we stand behind that. So if you complete the course video lessons and finish the workbook within 30 days, and you don’t see results - we’ll give you your money back. 

Just show us that you’ve completed the workbook and you’ve implemented the step-by-step plan. And we’ll refund you 100%. 

We want you to be successful as destination wedding photographers.  So take these free bonuses!

The Ultimate Style Shoot Guide

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching + Live Masterclasses

Ticket to Destination Weddings Workbook

It’s our best kept secret for booking clients in your top-of-the-bucket-list destinations, even if you’ve never shot there or have never photographed any destination wedding. And it’s yours for the taking! 

Valued at $100

Jump on live with us twice a month and ask us anything you want! We are an open book and here to help you succeed! We also have some really epic guest masterclasses coming for you from industry leaders who will open your mind.

Valued at $3600

This 60 + page workbook is a business plan, marketing strategy all in one, filled with education, worksheets to get you brainstorming and insider tips. 

Valued at $250

Success stories from our past students who are 
now world-traveling destination wedding photographers! 

- alexa

“It transformed my mindset, business, and how I view my business. It not only taught me how to build a destination wedding photography business, but also how to identify my ideal client and communicate with them effectively. 

I increased my prices and have already seen a huge progression in my business. I highly recommend this course!” 

"It was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Now, I’m in the process of finishing my new website and traveling to Morocco soon!” 

“After taking this course, I completely rebranded myself and my wedding photography business. 


But with Lilly’s creative energy and Vic’s business guidance, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect with my ideal client and effectively market my business. 

I am now confident in my ability to promote and improve my business.” 

“Before the course, I felt lost and unsure of how to take my photography business to the next level.

It would have saved us from many mistakes and time spent doing things that didn’t propel our business. 

That’s exactly why we’ve created Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography! 

To help you pivot from your local level into destination weddings - so you can travel and get paid doing it. 

(Even when the economy is getting all weird! Because yep - we had our busiest year ever in 2022 and we’re already fully booked in 2023!)

Vic and I genuinely want you to get your hands on this. Because we know just how amazing the market opportunity is for destination weddings. There is so much room for growth – unlike the local-level wedding photography scene. 

That’s why we’ve kept the cost incredibly reasonable for this edition of the course! 

Back in 2015, I was shooting weddings in San Francisco for a few hundred dollars. Now? Vic and I have built a multi six-figure business. The only thing we wish we had along the way was a guide to show us the exact steps to take. 

…for just $1997 $997

For less than the average cost of a single wedding photography package, you can snag our step-by-step guide to help you launch and scale your destination wedding photography business. 

You can grab the entire 
Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography course 

get this exclusive pre-sale price until nov 30!

When you enroll in the Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography with live coaching route, Vic and I will personally host monthly group coaching sessions for six months. 

This is something we’d charge close to $5,000 for - all by itself. 

You’ll get a more customized experience so you can get the exact steps to scale your destination wedding photography business to the next level. 

These bi-weekly group coaching sessions, you’ll ask all of your specific questions based on your brand. And you’ll hear from me and Vic - the six-figure wedding photographers, who’ve been featured in countless publications while traveling the globe. 

Wondering how to implement something specific for your business? Want feedback on your portfolio? You’ll get access to Vic and I for all of that (and more!) inside our group coaching calls! 

Want to double down on your new destination wedding photography business and really make sure you take it to the next level? 

Upgrade Your Experience with Live Coaching:

→ PLUS: 6 Months with 12 Sessions of live group coaching with Lilly + Vic and industry experts (value $3600)

→ 6 Modules and 40 Video Lessons (value $1495)

→ 75+ Page Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography Workbook with Digital + Printable Checklists, Content Templates, and More (value $250) 

→ Exclusive Slack access for direct access to us (value $200) 

→ Lifetime Access to All Video Lessons, Workbooks, Checklists, and Templates (value $250) 

→ The Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide (value $100)

What does it look like?

Your price today? $1997 $997


get this exclusive price until nov 30.


this is for me! →

Total value, you’re looking at $5895


Today’s price = $1997 $997

this is for me! →

✦ course content drops december 11  ✦  COURSE CONTENT DROPS DECEMBER 11 ✦  COURSE CONTENT DROPS DECEMBER 11 ✦

✦ course content drops december 11  ✦ 

When we visited Tulum, Mexico on a holiday, I fell in love with everything there. The history, culture, architecture, art, and design. So I set up a styled shoot in Tulum - and it reignited my passion for photography. I used that very styled shoot to completely change my clients and brand. 

And in just a few years, I had grown the business so much that Vic was able to leave his full-time, successful engineering career to work alongside me. Since then, the two of us have traveled all over the globe, photographing weddings for our favorite kinds of people, in the most epic locations. 
The dream you have of jet setting and photographing couples who light your soul on fire? We’re proof that you can. And we’re helping you do it by sharing the exact steps we took to get there. 

Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography is a collection of the exact steps we took to build our business into multi 6-figures and photographing luxury, high-end clients in places across the world that re-inspire us over and over again. And we’re sharing it – without secrets, without reservations — so that you can get that dream life, too!

Ciao! We’re Lilly and Vic

So, who are we to teach you how to pivot and scale your destination wedding photography business? 

The photographers and educators behind the brands at Lilly Red Photography and Lilly Red Academy. 

But we’re actually more like you than you realize. 

See, before becoming world travelers and renowned destination wedding photographers, I (Lilly) was a local wedding photographer in San Francisco. Vic was working as an electrical engineer. 

San Francisco’s wedding photography scene is packed. It was back then, too. And after spending years visiting the same venues, going to the same wineries and vineyards, and setting up for weddings in ballroom style hotels… I realized my passion for photography was dwindling. 

But I knew I had a lot more potential. I knew the world had more potential! It was bigger than the bubble I was in. And I kept seeing all of these other photographers traveling across the globe, photographing beautiful couples in epic locations. I had a dream to do that, too. 

You can pass on this course if…

This program is epic for you if…

  • You’re a wedding photographer, but you don’t want to book destination weddings 

  • You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme – you won’t find that here

  • You’re brand new to photography, and you don’t know if it’s really the career path you want to take at all 

  • You’re a wedding photographer who has made it to the ceiling of your local level, and you’re wanting to pivot into something bigger 

  • You’re willing to put in the work it takes to create your own version of success, but you just need someone to guide you through the steps

  • You prioritize providing an epic experience for your couples - no matter where you are! You’re tagging along on a journey with the couple for a milestone in their life, so an unforgettable experience the entire time is necessary! 

  • You’re a wedding photographer dreaming of traveling the world for your favorite couples and getting paid to do it 


I want to do this. But I want to make sure I see a return on investment. Am I actually going to make my money back?

We understand wanting to make sure your investments work for you. Every business needs time to grow and flourish, but if you put in the work, you will make your money back.

Look at it this way: 

Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography is currently less than the income the average photographer brings in from one wedding. 

So, if you invest in this course, and book two weddings, the course has already paid for itself (and then some)!

How do I know this course is going to work? 

We’re sharing our step-by-step action plan in this course – because we’ve already used it. And since then, we’ve been awarded, featured, and published in nearly every big wedding related publication – from Elle Italia to Martha Stewart Magazine and Brides. We’ve grown our business to multi 6-figures. And we’ve traveled all over the world for epic destination weddings.  

So we know it works. 

But you have to be ready to do the work! Because unless you’re ready to make changes to grow, you can’t expect different results in your business. 

Is there still a market for destination weddings? Or is it already full like my local photography market? 

Yes! We have to turn down many destination weddings because we book up quickly. 2023 was our busiest year ever, and we’re already fully booked for 2024 - even when charging $15K+ for a wedding! 

So we can say for a fact that there is an incredible market for destination wedding photography. You just need to get your name out there and a portfolio to match! 

And yes, we’re showing you exactly how to do that in the course! 

What if I can’t pay out of pocket to build my portfolio? Will I still get value out of this course?

Absolutely. One of the greatest things about building a destination wedding photography portfolio is that you can do it from anywhere. 

The next time you go on vacation, you can plan for a mini styled shoot to build your portfolio. You don’t have to book an entire trip just to build your portfolio! You can do it around your current schedule.

And we teach you how to attract luxury clients without having to pay for luxury places! 

I don’t know how to travel. So, even if I book a destination wedding client, I don’t know how to make it there with all of my gear.

That’s okay! For two reasons: 

  1. Nobody is an expert at something the very first time. When you first picked up a camera, you didn’t know how to use it. And when you booked your first wedding, maybe you felt nervous or scared! That’s normal because it’s new. Travel gets easier and easier the more you do it. You just have to start!
  2. We teach you how to travel for destination weddings! From how to book your accommodations to how to pack your gear (and what to pack!), we teach you everything we’ve learned from years of experience. So, even if you’ve never traveled for a wedding before, you’re getting a major head start. 

I’m just starting my wedding photography business. Is this program for me?

We’ve had new wedding photographers in our course, and they did wonderfully! They nailed down their ideal client, signature style, and favorite destination they wanted to focus on. They also walked away with a complete marketing plan so they can start landing those clients. 

So, to answer your question, yes! It is for you! 

However, it may not be the best choice for you if you don’t know if you want to continue the wedding photography career route. 

When and how long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you’ll immediately be sent a confirmation  email. All course content goes live December 11th, 10am CST.

You’ll have lifetime access to the course (sometimes platforms and technology changes so you'll have the chance to backup all the material :) So you can take all the time you need to complete it, or you can binge it like the latest Netflix Top 10. 

Included in your registration, you’ll have bi weekly coaching sessions for 6 months. These will be recorded and uploaded to your account, so you can rewatch them whenever you want! 

Is there a refund policy?

You’re going to get a step-by-step plan on how to pivot your wedding photography business into destination wedding photography, based on the exact steps we took to do it. 

Because of that, Vic and I want to make sure that everyone who enrolls in the course is committed to doing the work. We know that it can work for you - it worked for us! But you have to devote the time to make it happen. 

If you watch all of the lessons and do the assignments in the workbook, and you don’t see results, then we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. 

Okay, so how much time do I need to commit to the course?

The course is designed to go at your own pace! So you can binge watch it all in a week and start pivoting toward destination wedding couples in your business ASAP. 

But we give you lifetime access to the course so that you can focus on taking your time and building a long-term, profitable business. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And your business won’t be either!

However, when you take this course and implement everything in it, you’ll have the foundations to create something super epic! You’ll start seeing changes throughout the year, and before you realize it - you’ll be on a plane to your next dreamy destination! 

Or you can take your time with it. If you’d rather watch one lesson per week, you have the luxury to do so. 

Questions? You’re in good company. Other photographers have asked, and here’s what we told them: 

  • jet setting around the world 
  • photographing your dream couples in epic locations
  • not worrying about where your next lead is coming from because you know how to market your business properly (and keep your dream clients flooding your inbox)
  • working only with the people you choose to work with, instead of feeling like you have to work with everyone to make ends meet 
  • not competing with the local photographers because you’re in another wedding industry bracket entirely…

But if you’re already dreaming about a future where you’re…

I’m not trying some weird sales gimmick.

I promise that the price will never be this low again.

When we open the doors for our next edition of Ticket to Destination Photography, the price is going up to at least $1997.

This isn’t a static course. We’re going to keep adding to it. And in the future, we’ll charge for the additional material. But by joining this version, you’ll get all of those future updates (for no extra cost)!

Think about it this way. 

You can wait and spend a little bit more in the future, especially if it does make more sense for your business.



this is for me! →

get this exclusive pre-sale price until nov 30!


Today’s price = $1997 $997

this is for me! →

Why So Affordable? There's Always a Catch, Right?

Limited-Time Offer: Be the Inspiration for Others

This is a limited-time opportunity. We're discounting our second round of this course dramatically because we want to be overwhelmed with your success stories. We aim to build a rich tapestry of testimonials that will inspire and guide our next edition's students.

The Catch? Your Success is Our Success

Our course is priced unbelievably low for this release, and here’s why: We need something priceless from you - your testimonial. We are searching for passionate individuals who are ready to excel and share their success stories. Your achievements are the lifeblood of our course's future.

Your Story Could Be the Spark That Ignites Another's Dream

By joining now, you're not just getting access to groundbreaking content at an unbelievable price, you're also getting the chance to be a beacon for others. Your future testimonials and success stories will be the guiding stars for those who follow in your footsteps.

You've seen it, the price tag on our latest course, and your first thought must be, “This is way too cheap. What's the catch?” We won't beat around the bush – there is a catch, but it's one that benefits both of us.

Invest in Your Success, and Become Our Showcase

Think of it this way: we're not just offering a course; we're creating a community of success stories. By enrolling now at this exclusive price, you're not only setting yourself up for incredible growth but also becoming a pivotal part of our journey. We're banking on you to crush it, to really make the most of what we offer, and then share your journey with the world.

Are You Ready to Take This Deal and Shine?

Take advantage of this incredible offer. Enroll, excel, and share your story. Become the success we know you can be and help us inspire a new wave of photographers.

This isn't just a course; it's a partnership. And it starts with you.

You know that you’ve hit your ceiling in your current local wedding photography market. Plus, no - you’re not crazy. There are more photographers than ever. 

There’s a huge opportunity out there - in the rest of the world, as a destination wedding photographer.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re maxed out locally, but you know you haven’t yet reached your full potential…

…then it’s a good thing you’re here! 

We’ll guide you through the proven-to-work step-by-step process to help you pivot from local wedding photographer to destination wedding photographer. 

So stop daydreaming while you’re scrolling through Instagram about what it’d be like to travel the world while getting paid to do it. 

And let me show you how you can turn that dream into a reality. Because why not you? 


We also take making business decisions seriously! 

✦ course content drops december 11  ✦  COURSE CONTENT DROPS DECEMBER 11 ✦  COURSE CONTENT DROPS DECEMBER 11 ✦

✦ course content drops december 11  ✦ 

→ 6 Modules and 40 Video Lessons (value $1495)

→ 75+ Page Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography Workbook with Digital + Printable Checklists, Content Templates, and More (value $250) 

→ Exclusive Slack access for direct access to us (value $200) 

→ Lifetime Access to All Video Lessons, Workbooks, Checklists, and Templates (value $250) 

→ The Ultimate Styled Shoot Guide (value $100)

Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography Includes…

Your price today? $1997 $997

Total value, you’re looking at $5895.



this is for me! →


Today’s price = $1997 $997

this is for me! →

→ PLUS: 6 Months with 12 Sessions of live group coaching with Lilly + Vic and industry experts (value $3600)