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April 16-18, 2024
Lake Como, Bellagio, Italy

Lake Como Wedding Photography

Workshop Experience!

This Is Your

Dare to be Fearless: Step Beyond Comfort, Embrace Vulnerability, and Shatter the Boundaries of the Known

→ don’t know what makes you unique, especially when compared to other photographers… 

→ have no idea how to go from budget, price-shopping couples to couples who pay your worth…

→ need to boost your portfolio, but don’t know how to attract your dream clients…

→ feel a sense of intimidation when you scroll Instagram and see other photographers doing the same thing as you, or doing it even better than you…? 

Struggling to carve out your unique space for your wedding photography?
If you… 

...then breathe easy. You're exactly where you need to be.

→ elevating your wedding photography brand with masterclasses by world-class experts…

→ getting actionable steps to take your photography brand from boring to exceptional…

→ enhancing your portfolio with hands-on photoshoots in locations across Lake Como…

→ learning how to take the courage to break from the mold, crafting a style that's unapologetically and boldly you.

all set against the backdrop of Lake Como’s breathtaking beauty! 

Because this is the key to…

Embark on a 3-day, in-person workshop hosted by the experts of destination wedding photography: Lilly Red + Vic, Cara Mia, and From the Daisies.

In this transformative journey, immerse yourself in the wisdom and experience of these industry leaders. Dive deep into challenging the status quo, harnessing your artistic prowess, and meticulously crafting a brand that stands unshaken.

Why navigate the intricacies of brand-building alone?
We are here to guide, mentor, and empower you every step of the way.

Gain actionable insights and partake in hands-on learning experiences designed to elevate your wedding photography brand and creativity to new levels.

And where better to commence this exciting adventure than the epitome of luxury wedding destinations, Lake Como 📸

This is your chance to learn from industry leaders, participate in styled shoots, and create trend-setting, unique, and inspiring content.

And the best part? It's all happening at a luxurious 5-star villa, nestled in the heart of Lake Como from April 16-18, 2024.

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Wanna see what you’re in for? Good thing we captured the last By the Lake Workshop on video!

This is not your typical creative workshop

Sick of brand new wedding photographers claiming to teach you how to make a name for yourself? 

Tired of workshops that have too many speakers who talk about their inspiring journey… but don’t give you actionable steps for your business?

What about fighting for shots for your portfolio at the photoshoot you paid to attend? 

Or even photoshoots that are missing high-end styling and model couples that lack real chemistry? 

Us, too. 

This is what you need to take your destination wedding photography brand to the next level. 

That’s why we’ve created the 

By the Lake Workshop

When you join us, you’re getting: 

  • Step into an immersive in-person workshop, designed not just for learning but for experiencing. Feel the life-changing energy, absorb the knowledge, and revel in the excitement of connecting with peers who share your passion.

  • 3 world-class luxury destination wedding photographers guiding you and giving actionable steps for your business on day 1, day 30, and day 365.

  • Photograph creative photoshoots and challenges that push you beyond mere clicking. Dive into a full styled shoot that covers the entire wedding day. Master the art of crafting storytelling images that truly set you apart.

  • Intimate 2-hour photography sessions to shoot alongside world-renowned destination wedding photographers. So that you get a variety of scenes, lots of details, quality time with the couple all without having to fight over other photographers.

  • An aperitivo hour to mingle and connect with these top-level photographers and other like-minded wedding photographers.

  • An opportunity to boost your portfolio in the gateway location for luxury weddings - Lake Como! 

Meet Your Masterclass Experts 

Learn from 3 world-class destination wedding photographers and a top-tier business strategist, all of whom are reshaping the modern "luxury" photography experience and business landscape!

Lilly Red is a renowned destination wedding photographer and a Lake Como, Italy native. She has a passion for capturing love stories in the world’s most beautiful, epic locations. And she’s widely known for her bold, fashionable, and artistic photography style wrapped up in a luxury experience. 

She’ll teach you how to view images as more than just photographs, and instead see them for the blend of art and emotion they are, especially through forging a lasting relationship with your couples. 

Lilly Red

Lilly Red

Known for her untraditional, out-of-the-box approach to photography, Cara Mia thrives when she’s out of her comfort zone and reinventing the creative process. Her goal is to empower you to challenge the norm, ditch trends, experiment with your creative process and embrace your uniqueness.

She’ll help you identify and refine your unique style and approach to photography and weave it into a scroll-stopping brand persona. 

Cara Mia


Pablo Laguía, formed by Ana and Pablo, are distinguished wedding photographers and Canon ambassadors, known for their 15+ years of artistic excellence in international high-end events. Their selectivity in assignments guarantees tailored quality.

Featured in Elle, Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar, Pablo's photographic expertise complements Ana's fashion experience with luxury brands.

Pablo Laguia

pablo laguia

Vic, the strategist and CEO behind Lilly Red, masterfully pivoted from a career as a licensed electrical engineer to a creative entrepreneur.

Doubling as Lilly's second photographer and trusted partner-in-crime, he harnesses the power of turning creativity into opportunity. Together, they inspire photographers to dominate their niche, turning ordinary businesses into standout sensations.

Lilly Red Academy


Bellagio, often referred to as the “Pearl of Lake Como,” is a picturesque lakeside town celebrated for its grand villas, artisanal shops, and gourmet restaurants. Its vibrant and charming atmosphere is complemented by the backdrop of Old World, historic buildings and the mesmerizing Pre-Alps mountains that encircle the lake.

Nestled in the heart of this enchanting town is the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, a beacon of luxury and history. Recognized as one of the "World's Best" by Travel and Leisure in 2023, the hotel has welcomed illustrious guests such as Sir Winston Churchill, J. F. Kennedy, and Al Pacino. As the chosen venue for our workshop, it offers participants an experience that seamlessly blends its storied past with contemporary excellence. Prepare to take photos that showcase the Old World beauty of Bellagio and immerse yourself in an enriching photographic journey.

Why Bellagio, Lake Como? 

Of all the places in the world…

Lake Como is a highly sought after destination for couples worldwide who are planning luxury weddings, getaway elopements, honeymoons, anniversaries, couple’s sessions, vow renewals, and so much more. 

You’ll walk away with a brand new portfolio showcasing your expertise and artistic ability with Lake Como as the epic backdrop. And you’ll walk away with actionable steps on how to use that portfolio to start booking your dreamiest clients! 

And why Lake Como?

And maybe even more importantly… 

 We’re local to the area. So your hosts know all of the best spots for photos and for things to do outside of the workshop. We’ll help create an entire experience that revolves around the Lake Como way of living – la bella vita, or “the beautiful life.” 

You can use our local’s guide for the best recommendations for aperitivo, must-see shops, and top-notch Italian faire. We’ll send it to you when you get your ticket to the By the Lake Workshop so you can start planning your entire trip! 

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Here’s a peek inside the experience: 

VIP Experience

vip experience SOLD OUT

join the waitlist →

Education Day

limited to 60 attendees

Dive into an efficient workflow, harness AI tools for streamlined culling and precise editing. Elevate your edits with Lilly Red.

april 18: WORKFLOW & EDITING workshop

Includes a full day of Masterclass-style educational keynotes with a wide range of topics covered by:
  • Lilly Red
  • Cara Mia
  • Pablo Laguia and Ana Gomez
  • Vic

april 18

Includes socializing and mingling over Italian cocktails or wine with other attendees and Lilly Red, Cara Mia, Pablo Laguia and Ana, and Vic.

aperitivo hour



The Details

The Schedule

april 17: education day

april 17

registration & coffee

intro by lilly

speaker 1 - vic

speaker 2 - Cara

lunch break

speaker 3 - pablo & ana

speaker 4 - lilly



**VIp dinner**
(VIp ticket holders only)











*exact timings may shift a bit*

Want to add on to the experience?

Experience Day

Dive into business, marketing, and strategy. Discuss challenges and co-create solutions. Connect with peers, harness collective insights, and elevate both your craft and commerce. Our sessions promise transformative discussions and actionable takeaways.

Hosted by:
  • Vic (Lilly Red)


Join a 2-hour photo session and dive into a transformative photography experience. Shoot side-by-side with industry titans, absorb their mastery, and elevate your craft in real-time while building an epic portfolio.

Hosted by:
  • Cara Mia
  • Pablo Laguia and Ana Gomez

The Details

The Schedule


april 18


pablo laguia photoshoot




lilly red + cara mia photoshoot

9:30 AM

12:00 pm

12:00 PM

3:00 PM

3:00 PM

6:00 PM

optional add-ons

see the moodboards*

*link to purchase provided when you buy the "education day" ticket

Get Ready to be Inspired

Re-Defining Luxury

Dive into a fresh perspective on luxury, transitioning from traditional notions to a modern, personalized experience in photography. This talk explores how to intertwine exclusivity and personalization to redefine luxury in your brand. Uncover how this evolved definition can resonate with today's clients, setting you apart in a saturated market. Through real-world examples and actionable insights, discover the pathway to positioning your photography service as a modern-day luxury, aligning with contemporary desires for unique, tailored experiences.

april 17 3pm - lilly

You’re Not Going to do it Alone: How to Scale and Delegate to Grow your Business

Dominate your niche, turning ordinary businesses into standout sensations.
Becoming the guide for your couples.

april 17 10am - vic

Embracing Creative Uniqueness

Discover the power of undiluted creativity in attracting your dream clients. This talk will ignite your fearless pursuit of authentic creativity, providing actionable steps to turn it into a client magnet. Through real-life challenges and practical solutions, learn how to transform your unique creative spark into a business asset, leaving with a roadmap to captivate your ideal clients.

april 17 11am - cara

Discovering Your Muse: Finding Inspiration and Ideal Clients

Join renowned photographers Pablo Laguia and Ana Gomez as they explore the art of drawing inspiration from diverse sources to refine your unique photographic style. This session delves into techniques for identifying and attracting your ideal client, ensuring a perfect match between your artistic vision and their expectations. It's an insightful journey into aligning your creative flair with the right clientele.

april 17 1pm - pablo and ana

Don’t take our word for it! 
Here’s what previous attendees had to say about the experience:

Claire White

The connections I made will be with me for life, and I know that attending Lilly’s workshop will become a defining moment in my career, and more importantly, my personal journey.”

“I knew I needed a radical creative direction change and since Lake Como, everything has changed.


Not only did I get to learn from people who are trend setters in the wedding industry, but the connection and bond formed with my fellow attendees has been life changing. Highly recommendedrecommend for those who want to transform their business and take it to the next level.”

“Attending [this workshop] was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it’s a complete game changer. 

+ aren’t looking to break into the luxury niche market

+ are good where you are now in your business and you’re not looking to learn and grow

+ aren’t ready to step outside of your comfort zone to keep growing as a photographer

+ don’t fully believe it’s possible to make it and live a fulfilled life and business

+ think artists need to struggle to find their way, instead of learning from experienced artists

You can pass on this for now if you -

So who is this made for?

+ ready to build a brand and photography style that isn’t just like everyone else, but uniquely bold and you

+ wanting to break into luxury destination wedding photography without resorting to the “traditional” romantic, light and airy style

+ ready to learn from world-class luxury wedding photographers who have already built six-figure businesses 

+ excited to make a change so you can elevate your wedding photography brand! 

This is for you if you’re -



It was the best decision I could have made for my business. I’ve learned so much in three days, found new friends, ate delicious Italian food, and had a great time. When I came back home, I was so full of inspiration, creativity, and motivation! 

If you’re ready to push your business to the next level, I highly recommend [going] to Italy and learning from the best of the best in the industry!” 

“This workshop taught me that I can make my dreams reality. It really pushed my business to the next level.


It was the beginning of an adventure, a magical story, and new friendships. Lilly Red inspired us with her work, her passion, and her enthusiasm!”
If you’re ready to push your business to the next level, I highly recommend [going] to Italy and learning from the best of the best in the industry!” 

“[Lilly Red] has given me an unforgettable experience from the beginning to the end.


april 16, 2024

Step 1: Snag Your Ticket

VIP Attendee Ticket

Workshop Ticket

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april 17, 2024

  • April 17: Masterclass Education Day
  • April 17: Aperitivo Hour
  • April 18: Workflow + Editing Workshop

$397 - buy now →

see the moodboards

Step 2: Curate Your Experience Day

Create your own experience by registering for the sessions and shoots that most align with you.

april 18, 2024

Optional add-ons to your workshop experience. Access to purchase shoots included in your Workshop confirmation email.
  • 2 Hour Photo Sessions alongside your choice of Cara Mia, and/or Pablo Laguia: $750/session
  • Group Coaching Sessions with Vic: $300/session

read our guide

Step 3: Start Planning Your Trip

The Ultimate Bellagio Travel Guide: Everything to Know for an Unforgettable Trip

need help planning? we've got you.

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What is the duration of the workshop?

This depends on your ticket choice, but the workshop is up to 3 full days of intensive hands-on photoshoots and Masterclass style education sessions. 

Who are the speakers for the workshop?

The workshop is led by Lilly Red + Vic. We also have Cara Mia and From the Daisies as featured speakers. Each speaker will have educational sessions, as well as photo sessions so you can learn from them and then shoot alongside them. 

The three of us are known for our bold, unique styles and we will encourage you to push your creativity out of your comfort zone. Cara Mia and Pablo Laguia are also traveling to Europe for this experience. So in all honesty, this could be your first and last time to see all 3 photographers together in one workshop! 

What topics will be covered during the workshop? 

There are a million different photographers out there, most of whom all use the same kind of “photography style.” 

After years of experience, we know that building a bold brand that stands out from everyone else comes from breaking away the trends and re-defining a “luxury” style. 

That’s what we’re here to teach you in this workshop. You’ll learn everything from discovering your unique photography style, creating an out-of-the-box brand persona, and how to market yourself so you reach your dream clients. 

What if I need to cancel my registration? 

We understand that plans can change, but we’ll be sad to miss you if you can’t make it! While cancellations are not permitted, you can absolutely transfer your ticket to another attendee. 

We will keep a waitlist of attendees if you need to transfer your ticket after purchase. 

I don’t speak English. What do I do? 

If we have enough demand, we will hire an interpreter to help those who do not speak English. If you do not speak English, please send us an email at with the primary language you speak. We will keep you updated to let you know if we have enough demand to secure an interpreter. 

Please note: an additional cost will apply for those who require an interpreter at the workshop. 

Are meals and accommodations included in the workshop fee? 

The workshop fee covers the education and photoshoot sessions. 

Your travel, accommodations, and meals are separate, but we have a travel guide with our best recommendations. After you book your ticket, we will send you resources to help you plan your trip. 

If you’re a VIP Attendee, you’ll join us for our VIP dinner event on Day 2. We’ll help to coordinate your travel with other attendees, as well. 

I’m a videographer. Can I attend?

We love our videographer friends, and you’re encouraged to attend the education day! 

For the photo session days, we are limiting attendees to only photographers. This is so attendees can have the best possible experience without working over each other.

How many participants will be in the workshop?

We believe in quality over quantity. And we know you’ll get a better experience in a more intimate setting. 

We’ve limited the workshop to these small group settings: 

Day 1 (VIP Attendees Only): 16 attendees. There will be multiple stations, and you’ll be split into smaller groups. You won’t have to fight over one another for shots. This is fundamental and something we won't compromise on. You will absolutely have the time and space to capture scenes as they unfold.

Day 2: 70 attendees overall. Everyone gets a space to sit and learn, but this won’t be a huge conference. Spaces are limited, and we will sell out! 

Day 3: 10 attendees per session, with 4 sessions throughout the day. 

A full schedule and mood boards are available here. 

Do I need to bring my own camera and equipment?

Yes, we encourage you to bring your own camera and essential equipment. 

Will there be live shooting sessions?

Absolutely! We’ve arranged live styled shoots in the most picturesque locations around Bellagio to help you boost your portfolio with epic real-world scenes. 

I’m a beginner. Is this workshop a good fit for me? 

This workshop is designed for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, there’s valuable information and actionable steps to implement into your business

Is there a discount for early bird registrations? 

Yes! Early birds received $300 off their VIP Attendee ticket price or $100 off their Masterclass Education Day ticket. 

Early bird pricing ended on October 13. 

How can I reach out if I have more questions? 

Feel free to contact us at Our team is here to assist you!