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In the world of photography, it's easy to feel completely overwhelmed.

The saturated market pushes prices down, making it tough to stand out and make a living. 

You constantly feel one step behind trying to keep up with the "algorithm".

Bills come in, and you worry about how to pay them.

you feel alone in your struggles, wondering how everyone else seems to do everything with ease?

Sometimes, you feel like others are better, and you're scared of failing.

With changing styles and trends, it's hard to be true to yourself and still fit in.

It's a lot of pressure to keep up and chase your dreams.

But remember, you're not on this journey alone...

From Lilly's humble beginnings in a small Italian town to winning accolades like Rangefinder's Top 30 and features in Vogue and Brides, our journey has been a rollercoaster.

We've faced doubts, comparisons, and financial hurdles. But with determination and a flair for setting trends, we've built a successful business that stands out in a sea of sameness. Now, as we focus on education, we're here to share our insights with you.

We're Lilly and Vic.

A husband and wife photography team capturing weddings worldwide. And your guides to photography success.

Ciao My Friend!

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As international, award-winning photographers, we’ve captured hundreds of weddings, created campaigns for international brands, and traveled to more than 25 countries while living all over the world — but believe us, it wasn’t easy to get there. It took ten years to build a six-figure photography business that now employs seven team members and books out months (sometimes years) in advance.

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This is your chance to learn from industry leaders, participate in styled shoots, and create trend-setting, unique, and inspiring content. And the best part? It's all happening at a luxurious 5-star villa, nestled in the heart of Lake Como from April 16-18, 2024.

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Love, Kaylee

They’ve helped me so much during my first styled shoot. Thanks to them, it was a success! They are true experts in what they do, but also very down to earth and easy to communicate with. After the styled shoot mentor sessions, I immediately signed up for the Destination Wedding Photographer course! Can’t wait!

"I’m so happy I got Vic & Lilly as a mentor."

elle marie

“As a former venue manager I was able to see several styled shoots come to life before my eyes, but never had a hand in making it all take shape from a creative standpoint. This is my first shoot I am planning from start to finish! I’m excited, and nervous, but having your guide is helping calm some of my nerves. I opened it and found so many answers to questions I had … but more importantly answers to questions I had not yet thought of! This is so helpful, as I can now dedicate loads of time to making sure each base is covered in the months leading up to the shoot.”

“Having your guide is helping calm some of my nerves!”

Il Podcast


"Non È Colpa Mia" è la chiave per rivedere il mondo con occhi nuovi, agire con determinazione per trasformare la tua vita, e come creativo, connetterti con i clienti che ti meritano.

Sei un fotografo di matrimoni, un artista, o semplicemente una persona creativa in cerca del coraggio per il prossimo passo? Oltre la paura, ti aspetta una lezione preziosa e un'avventura entusiasmante.

Non È Colpa Mia

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