If you’re beyond ready to pivot your local-level wedding photography business into a destination wedding photography brand that can bring in $100K+ each year … 

Then you’re in the right place! 

How to Book your First Client as a Wedding Photographer

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top 10 best things you can do on the journey to booking your first client.

How to use styled shoots to get the exact type of clients you dream of! 

The Mindset Shift You Have to Make to Get Out of Your Own Way…

We know what it feels like to think, “that sounds amazing, but it could never be me.” That’s why we’re sharing the exact mindset shift you have to make before you pivot your brand! 

From being a 2nd photographer to utilizing ads on social media, from calling in the assistance of friends and family, to using wedding listings, there are 10 of these stops worth fully exploring before you reach the destination of ‘client booked’. 

Yep! We were shooting at the local level not very long ago. But we used this framework to launch our brand into a jet setting destination wedding photography business while bringing in multi 6-figures!

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Ciao! We’re Lilly and Vic, the photographers and educators behind the brands at Lilly Red Photography and Lilly Red Academy. 

We’re probably more like you than you may realize. 

Because before becoming renowned destination wedding photographers, we started at the local level in San Francisco. It wasn’t long before Vic and I pivoted our brand to break into the destination wedding photography market. 

Now? We’re traveling all over the world, shooting in the most stunning locations with our favorite type of clients (the ones who love and value our work!). 

We’re sharing the steps we took to get there, so you can break into the destination wedding photography market and start booking clients who want to pay you to travel!

So, who are we to teach you how to pivot and scale your destination wedding photography business?