Photography Education for Artists & World Travelers

You have artistic ambitions, adventure in your heart, and an all-encompassing passion for photography. 

You do what you do not simply because you love love (even if you do). It’s because you grew up paging through Vogue and dreaming of that moment when you’d capture an editorial image so steeped in style and real emotion that you would chase that joy all around the world just to experience it all again. 

Like us, you love working with adventurous couples, chasing your arrow as you travel everywhere, from elegant villas and cliffside abodes to beaches with aquamarine water and deserts teeming with palm trees and coastal sunshine. 

All you need is a friend to show you the way as you build your unique life and scale your photography business so couples can’t wait for you to capture their destination weddings all over the world. Friend, you’re in the right place.

Us and you? We have a lot in common. 

As a girl who grew up in a small town of just 5,000 people, I had the kind of provincial life that can often lead to conventional paths. Boring job, picket fence… 

I loved growing up in Brianza, surrounded by the most unique landscapes in the world, but people around me were close-minded, believing that photography could only ever be a passion, not a profession. Even as a lifelong artist, I was always encouraged to get a “real job” when I grew up, but I never truly believed that was the right path for me. 

After leaving university to start working, I got a safe, reliable job and saved some money. A few months later, I felt that familiar intuition that something wasn’t right. So I quit, with no degree and no idea what to do next.

Hi, I’m Lilly. 

There’s nothing I love more than tagging along with my couples on worldwide adventures and helping you do the same as you grow your photography business without the struggle.

Little did I know I’d meet my other half, an American from San Francisco (my husband Vic, you’ll meet him in a few) who didn’t question me when I said my passion was photography. To my surprise, he found me a role at a studio in Doha working as a photographer’s assistant. That photographer became my mentor, patiently showing me everything I needed to know to capture great photos — something that was entirely new to me. I had never had someone be so generous with their time, sharing their knowledge so I could grow as a photographer, too. I knew that one day, I wanted to be that kind of mentor to others.

In 2011, my sister invited me to visit her in Qatar. I said yes, tears in my eyes. The only way I could get there was working in a bar for a month to save up for my plane ticket. I got on the plane, heart in my mouth because of all the fear — of flying, of not finding what I was meant to do. 

Two years down the line, I ended up in San Francisco with Vic with a new set of fears: living in a big city for the first time, with a nine-hour time difference from Italy, still learning English, not sure I could make enough as a photographer. When my visa expired, I went back to Como.

After photographing a wedding with another photographer during peak season for measly pay, I sat in the last pew of the church, gazing up at the stained glass surrounding me. What would I do next? Where would this life lead me? I texted Vic that I would find a real job and stop trying to make money from my passion. Instead of accepting it, he encouraged me to give this one more try in America.

After getting married, we were ready to face a new life and officially start our business, narrowing our focus to photograph only the most passionate couples. They are the reason why we were brave enough to follow our dreams and build this creative life.

Now, we have the best of both worlds, styling wedding photos with editorial vibes. Today, we are international, award-winning photographers who have traveled to more than 25 countries and lived all over the world. We’ve photographed hundreds of weddings, where we’ve crossed paths with influencers and celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and campaigns for brands like Berta. In 2020, I was voted among the best up-and-coming wedding photographers in the world by Rangefinder. 

If a girl like me from a small town without a degree can become the photographer that I have, I have faith that you can, too.

As a licensed professional electrical engineer who used to work all over the world, I thought it was my dream to work in the realm of logic when truly I was meant for a more creative life. Through fate, chance, and helpful friends, I met Lilly and my eyes were opened to the beauty I was missing. I left my work as an engineer and we joined forces in life, love, business and never looked back.

My first role is to be Lilly's partner in this venture. I take care of the operations so Lilly can be 100% creative. We both have such different skill sets and experiences that it definitely works out to our advantage. Plus, we’re married, which makes everything both infinitely easier and more complex. After all, we still have to go home and spend time together so it's pretty important that we're on the same page.

Instead of trying to be the best at everything all the time, it makes more sense to be the best at your one or two things and be focused. That’s why my responsibility is to make sure that everyone else can do their job to the best of their abilities without having to worry about all the other stuff they aren't directly responsible for. I keep us and our team operating effectively and efficiently. In other words, I help our team be as successful as possible by allowing everyone to do what they do best.

As Lilly’s second photographer, I’m her extra set of eyes, there to complement her work. I follow her creative lead and vision, helping bring the moments to life with purpose and authenticity.

Hi, I’m Vic. 

I’m our second shooter, business strategist, marketing guru, and operations manager keeping things running behind the scenes so Lilly can be her creative self while the business continues to grow. I’m by her side making sure it all comes to life.

It wasn’t easy. But it’s not impossible. We’re proof that even the smallest actions can change your life. 

When we were starting our journey, we wanted someone to tell us it was okay to take the time to discover who we wanted to become. That even with the challenges, the mistakes, and the trials, we could grow into the couple and business owners we are today.

What will you choose?
Are you ready to take the first step?


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