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The Ultimate Bellagio Travel Guide: Everything to Know for an Unforgettable Trip

I (think) I know what you’re thinking. You might be getting ready to join us for the Lake Como Wedding Photography Experience. But how are you going to plan this trip, especially if you’ve never been to Bellagio before?  Traveling to another country can be exciting while still causing some anxiety. Where will you stay, what will you eat, and how will you get around?  That’s exactly why I’ve put together this ultimate Bellagio travel guide! Read on to get my top tips on the best hotels to book, where to eat, and what to do in the area while you travel.

bellagio travel guide

What is Bellagio, Italy? 

Bellagio, Italy is one of the most popular towns of anyone who visits the area. Known as the Pearl of Lake Como, it’s a gorgeous town, filled with historic cobblestone streets and local artisans selling keepsakes.  

When you arrive, you’ll find a village nestled against the lakeshore with the colorful architecture you’ve probably come to know and love from Instagram and Pinterest photos. 

bellagio travel guide

Where is Bellagio Located in Italy? 

Bellagio, Italy is located right on the tip of the peninsula in Lake Como. It’s one of the many quaint, charming towns that dot the lake’s edge, which means you’ll get a taste of Lake Como when you visit Bellagio. 

One of the best parts about Bellagio is its distance from other Lake Como cities such as Varenna, Como, Lenno, and Menaggio. You can easily see so much of Lake Como, while keeping the town of Bellagio as your central “hub.” 

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Bellagio, Italy? 

If you’re planning a trip to visit Bellagio, Italy, then surely you’re wanting to visit during the best time of the year. Like so many other hot spots, there are the “good” times of the year and the “bad” times to visit which is exactly why we had to include each season our Bellagio travel guide.

But ultimately, it depends on what’s important to you! So I’m breaking down what each season looks like so you can make the decision based on your preferences. 


With spring in the air in Lake Como, expect for the weather to vary from early morning to dusk! 

It’ll be comfortable during the day, but cool in the early mornings and in the evenings. So bring some layers to get warm during those cooler periods! Typically, temperatures range from 10-18 degrees Celsius (50-64 degrees Fahrenheit). 

That said, spring is probably my favorite season to visit Bellagio! It’s bright and lively with pops of color as the spring flowers begin to bloom. 

I also love it around this time of year because (at least for most of Spring), it’s a much more relaxing and quieter trip. The majority of spring, from March until mid-May, you’ll get a more authentic trip without having to battle the massive crowds. 

And as everything is blooming and becoming more vibrant, it’s also one of the most beautiful times to visit the area! Because of the blooming trees and flowers, moderate weather, and lower crowds, I’ve planned an entire Lake Como wedding photography retreat right in the middle of the Spring season! 

bellagio travel guide

(Image courtesy of Bellagio Lake Como)

The Best Places to Stay, According to Your Bellagio Travel Guide: 

Finding a home away from home for any amount of time can be overwhelming. After all, you’ll want to have a comfortable place to stay that has all of the amenities you need and with the right price point for your budget. 

But don’t worry! We’ve visited and stayed at many places across Bellagio. So I’ve compiled a list of the best places to stay in the area. 

Here’s the best news: you really can’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. All of these hotels are incredible! 

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni

Price Point: $$$$

One of my all-time favorite places to stay in Bellagio is Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve chosen it as the location for the Lake Como Wedding Photography Experience! We’ll be hosting all of our educational panels here, so if you’re wanting something in very close proximity (AKA – a few floors!), then you’ll want to book a room here. 

It’s definitely a luxurious place to stay, which is perfect for the glamorous vibe of Bellagio. It’s completely worth it if you have a big budget or if you’re willing to spend a good section of your budget on your hotel.  

Hotel Belvedere

Price Point: $$$

For a slightly less expensive, but still an incredible place to stay, be sure to look into Hotel Belvedere. It’s nestled right on the lakeshore and gives epic panoramic views of Lake Como. 

You’ll find everything you need from a private garden with a swimming pool to a spa with a Turkish bath. Here, you’ll also have a restaurant on property that also gives great views of the lake. 

Plus, because of its location, you’re a short walk from central Bellagio! 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Hotel du Lac

Price Point: $$

Right in the heart of Bellagio sits Hotel du Lac. In one place, you’ll have a hotel overlooking the central square of Bellagio and views of the lake. 

While this family-owned hotel might not have all of the amenities that other hotels offer, it’s still a wonderful option. The rooms are clean and modern, and the location is incredibly hard to beat! 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Hotel Florence

Price Point: $$

Just a few steps away from the shores of Lake Como sits Hotel Florence. Along with being steps away from the center of Bellagio, a short distance away from the lake itself, you’ll also only be a 3-minute walk away from the ferry port. 

So if you’re planning on taking day trips to nearby Lake Como cities, like Menaggio and Varenna, then this is the perfect place for you. 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

La Limonera

Price Point: $$

This might be one of the closest hotels to the water’s edge. If you stay at La Limonera, you’ll only be 328 feet away from Lake Como. 

It’s a hotel that’s located in the middle of a limited traffic zone, which means you’ll have a peaceful stay. Plus, you’ll be super close to great restaurants and shops! 

Hotel Centrale Bellagio

Price Point: $

If 328 feet away from Lake Como isn’t close enough for you, then try Hotel Centrale Bellagio! It’s just 197 feet away from the water’s edge. And along with its close proximity to the water, you’ll also stay in an intimate boutique hotel that offers a sun terrace and a garden, if you stay here. 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Hotel Bellagio

Price Point: $

Hotel Bellagio is a budget-friendly and conveniently located option in the heart of the charming town. Situated on the shores of Lake Como, it offers affordable accommodations without compromising on comfort. Ideal for exploring Bellagio’s attractions and enjoying the beauty of the area without breaking the bank. 

Alternatively, Book an AirBnB:

If the idea of a hotel doesn’t suit you, or if you want to split more of the cost of lodging, then you might want to consider booking an AirBnB! 

Alternative to Staying in Bellagio: 

And if you don’t love the idea of staying in Bellagio, or want to experience more of Lake Como, then you can look into staying at one of the nearby towns, like Varenna, Menaggio, Cadenabbia, or Como. You’ll just have to take the ferry or the bus to move around. 

I will say, these are not the most convenient options. However, if you’re a VIP ticket holder to the Lake Como Wedding Photography Experience, we’ll help you coordinate your trip! 

If you’re not a VIP ticket holder, then post in the Facebook group for more support. 

What to Do in Bellagio, Italy? 

Once you’ve booked your lodging, then it’s time to start planning your itinerary. What are you going to do in Bellagio, Italy? 

Naturally, I’ve come up with another list to help you figure that out! 

1. Walking Tour

When you visit another country, then one of the best things you can do is take a walking tour. Getting out and walking around, especially on those quintessential cobblestone streets, is one of the best ways to fully immerse yourself in the location. 

Here are the best places to visit on your walking tour of Bellagio: 

Salita Serbelloni

If you search “Bellagio, Italy” on Pinterest or Instagram, then chances are you’ve seen photos of the vibrant architecture and lively climbing vines along a cobblestone staircase with the lake and the mountains in the background. 

More than likely, that’s Salita Serbelloni. It’s one of the most popular photo spots in all of Bellagio! Not only will you get some beautiful, picturesque photos, but Salita Serbelloni hosts fashionable boutiques, restaurants, and other local artisans selling keepsakes. 

You won’t want to miss this one! 

Basilica San Giacomo

If you want a taste of history, then Basilica San Giacomo is perfect to add to your itinerary. This church is one of the most beautiful structures in the area, and an incredible example of the Romanesque architectural style common in Lake Como. 

Inside, you’ll essentially find an art museum with works dating back to the 1400s. 

(Image courtesy of Bellagio Lake Como)

Punta Spartivento

To see more of the natural landscape of Lake Como, you’ll want to add Punta Spartivento to your walking tour list. 

It’s a park right at the tip of the Bellagio peninsula with epic views of the lake. For some of the most beautiful photos without anything obstructing the view of the lake and the mountains, you’ll want to make a stop here. 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)


If you want to experience more of the local towns in Lake Como, then consider walking to Pescallo. It’s a short walk from Bellagio, and it’ll give you the opportunity to experience one of the smaller, quieter villages that dot the lake. 

It’s a small fishing community, and it gives you the chance to have a more authentic trip overall. 

But just as a warning, it’s not the best fit for everyone. While it’s a short walk, it’s filled with climbing uphill and uneven walkways. Many of the cobblestone streets in Pescallo are actually cobblestone staircases because of the steep topography. 

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Waterfront Walk

Finally, be sure to walk along the waterfront in Bellagio. After all, you’re right on the water just by being in Bellagio. 

The waterfront walk is a short walk between Melzi Gardens and the tip of the peninsula. And just like the name suggests, it’s right along the water. You’ll have incredible views of the lake and the mountains all along the way! 

2. Aperitivo on the Waterfront

What’s a trip to Italy without indulging in an aperitivo? To experience the true magic of “la bella vita,” or “the beautiful life,” you’ll want to have at least one aperitivo! 

And because you’re in Lake Como, you’ll want to make sure you take that aperitivo on the water. 

There are no shortages of restaurants and places that serve aperitivo. If you’re a VIP ticket holder to the Lake Como Wedding Photography Experience, then we’ll help you plan where to go. Or you can ask for suggestions in the Facebook group!  

3. Visit Gardens of Villa Serbelloni (by Tour Only)

If you’re still looking for more nature experiences in Bellagio, then you can’t go wrong with a guided tour of the gardens at Villa Serbelloni

The gardens span 50 acres in a natural park right on the tip of the peninsula in which Bellagio sits. In the tour, you’ll get the most unique views of Bellagio and Lake Como, which you’ll only have access to by visiting these gardens! 

4. Visit Villa Melzi

Villa Melzi is one of the many historical structures in Bellagio. It was a summer residence built for the vice president of the Italian Republic in the early 1800s. And it’s definitely a historic attraction worth exploring. 

But because it’s still a private residence, you won’t be able to enter the villa. That said, you can explore the botanical gardens on the property. You can also visit the museum and the family chapel that also call Villa Melzi home! 

(Image courtesy of the Villa Melzi site)

5. Dairy Farm Tour and Experience

If you want a completely unique and authentic Bellagio experience, then you’ll definitely want to add this dairy farm tour and experience to your itinerary. 

“L’Antica” Latteria di Bellagio is a fully operational dairy farm that you can visit. You’ll see how they are still preserving the ancient dairy tradition of the area, such as transforming milk into genuine, authentic, and delicious dairy products (like cheese!). 

6. Boat Tour of the Lake

One of the most quintessential ways to experience Lake Como is on the water! I highly recommend taking a tour of the lake via boat. That might be from the ferry that can transport you from one town to another. Or if you’re looking for something more private and indulgent, then you may want to look into booking a classic Riva boat tour. 

bellagio travel guide

7. Day Trips to Varenna, Lenno, Menaggio, Como

If you have another day or two (or 3 or 4), then you might want to experience more of what Lake Como has to offer. 

Varenna, Lenno, Menaggio, and Como are all close to Bellagio, which means you can take the ferry directly to them and spend the day there. 

8. Go Explore the Other Towns

If you didn’t know, Lake Como is massive! There are so many places to visit and explore, and some of them aren’t necessarily close to Bellagio. 

So if you’re looking to create a more immersive experience, you may want to add a few more days to your trip and explore other towns that are further away. Whether it’s Cernobbio, Torno, Laglio, or any of the other towns that dot the lakeshore, there is no shortage of places to visit. 

You can find more about these towns (and the ones that are closer to Bellagio) in this blog post! 

Where to Eat in Bellagio, Italy

One of the best places about Italy is the cuisine! And depending on where you go, you’ll find the local cuisine differs. 

But one things’ for sure, the food in Bellagio is excellent, however there are so many options to choose from. Here’s where I suggest you eat during your trip: 


A restaurant highlighting local faire, you won’t want to miss Dispensa63. They’ve created a menu that combines the owners’ history and experiences in Bellagio and their experiences from traveling around the world.  

Their menu is made up of fresh dishes that change seasonally to bring in more farm-to-table fresh ingredients. 

bellagio travel guide

(Image courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Ristorante Mella

To get more of a taste of the local cuisine, including homemade cooking and local lake fish recipes, then Ristorante Mella is a perfect option. 

They source their ingredients from local farms and fishermen so you know you’re getting the freshest dishes possible. 

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Trattoria Baita Belvedere

If you’re wanting a restaurant that offers delicious food and exceptional views of the lake, then you’ll want to add Trattoria Baita Belvedere to your list. 

This is another restaurant that draws its inspiration from local and family traditions. It’s a family-owned restaurant that incorporates fresh produce that they’ve grown on their property into their dishes. 

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Trattoria Baita Belvedere)

Cava Turacciolo

How about dining in an 18th century wine cellar? Then Cava Turacciolo is a must-do for your list! 

With a selection of more than 300 labels of local and national wines, you can taste many different wines alongside a selection of lake fish, meat dishes, charcuterie options, and pasta (of course). 

With their original stone walls inside the wine cellar, it’s a unique place to experience! 

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Cava Turacciolo)

Dai Viga Pasta Fresca 

What’s a trip to Italy without pasta? If you’re looking for the best plate of pasta in Bellagio, then you cannot miss out on Dai Viga Pasta Fresca

Housemade pasta while you wait, reasonable prices, friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere, you cannot beat this restaurant!

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Dai Viga Pasta Fresca)

Alle Darsene di Loppia

If you’re looking for an upscale restaurant so you can dress up and enjoy a night out on the town, then let it be at Alle Darsene di Loppia

Featured in the Michelin Guide, this restaurant is a contemporary location featuring Mediterranean cuisine with both fish and meat dish options using fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

You’ll have your choice of table in the beautiful dining room or, my favorite, on the arbor overlooking the port of Loppia. 

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

B-Lake Bellagio Restaurant

Looking for a place to have dinner or an aperitivo? Then B-Lake Bellagio is a great option! You’ll have your choice of delicious small plates and plenty of wines to choose from. 

And with its authentic stone walls and atmosphere, it’s another unique way to experience la bella vita on your trip! 

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Trip Advisor)

Ristorante Antico Pozzo

Another fantastic dining experience is Ristorante Antico Pozzo. They pride themselves on cuisine that’s fused with both tradition and modern takes on delicious, authentic Italian flavors. You’ll find plenty of creative dishes that you won’t get anywhere else, with a special emphasis on lake and sea fish!  

bellagio travel guide

(Image Courtesy of Ristorante Antico Pozzo)

How to Arrive to Bellagio, Italy:

Unfortunately, there aren’t any direct airports in Lake Como or Bellagio for you to fly into. And there aren’t any train stations in Bellagio. 

But don’t worry! we’ve got you covered on arriving to Bellagio in this Bellagio travel guide: 

By Plane:

If you’re flying into the area, you’ll want to fly into Milan. There are three different Milan airports to choose from: 

By Train:

If you’re arriving in the area by train, you’ll want to take the train into Milan. There are two main train stations in Milan:

You can also take the train to Como or Lecco. These are smaller stations and usually only come directly from Switzerland or other local stations in Italy. 

Private Transfer: 

If taking the train, taxi, or bus from a major airport into Bellagio doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then you can always hire a private transfer service. 

With this service, a private driver will chauffeur you from the airport to your hotel of choice. You can also use them to return to the airport when it’s time to depart. 

We recommend using either Como Driver or finding another private transfer service using Viator!

To Bellagio: 

From either the airport or train station, you’ll want to take either: 

  • Take a taxi to Bellagio. This will take approximately 1.5 hours. And it’s the most expensive travel option. 
  • Rent a car and drive to Bellagio. This will also take approximately 1.5 hours. It’s the moderate travel option in terms of expense. 
  • Take the bus or train to Como or Lecco. Then take a taxi or ferry from Como or Lecco to Bellagio. This will take approximately 3 hours. It’s the least expensive option. 

What to Know About Driving in Bellagio, Italy

Driving in Italy, especially in Lake Como, isn’t anything like driving in much of the United States. So here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about driving: 

  1. Most Cars are Manual

Most rental car options are manual – not automatic. There are limited automatic car options available, but they usually will cost more. 

  1. Get a Smaller Car

If you’re used to driving a large car or an SUV at home, just know that you’ll probably have trouble doing so here. With the narrow streets and the minimum parking options (yet lots of traffic), you’ll probably run into issues in an extra-large vehicle or SUV. 

Opt for the smaller option when you book your rental. 

  1. Don’t Forget Your International Permit

If you’re coming from a non-EU country, then don’t forget your international permit. It’s a translation and photo from AAA. 

Car rental places don’t require it, but if you do get pulled over, you can receive a fine if you don’t have it. 

  1. Don’t Panic, You’ll Be Fine! 

Lastly, you might just feel nervous about driving in a different country. But I promise it’s not that hard! Drive carefully, remember there are no right turns on red lights, and drive on the “right” side of the road. 

You’ll be fine! 

Other Tips to Know, According to Your Bellagio Travel Guide:

As your Bellagio travel guide, I have to let you know about these other travel tips: 

  1. Taxis Are Limited

Taxis in the area are 100% unreliable and extremely limited. Do not make any of your travel plans revolving around or relying on taxis. Instead, rent a car or plan to take public transportation. 

There also are no rideshare services. You won’t find any Ubers or Lyfts in the area, so plan accordingly. 

  1. Take Advantage of the Bag Deposit at the Ferry

If you’re using the ferry, then you can drop your luggage at a safe and secure luggage deposit at the boat terminal. 

It’s open 24/7, so you can always go and pick it up whenever you need to. And the cost depends on the size of your luggage. 

  1. Bar Doesn’t Mean American “Bar” 

Bars in Italy aren’t the same as American bars, pubs, or clubs. Bars here are mostly a place to get a cafe, drink, a place to do an aperitivo, or to get a light meal. 

bellagio travel guide

Hopefully, planning your travel trip to Bellagio just got a whole lot easier! It’s truly a remarkable location, and the perfect way to experience and enjoy “la bella vita.” 

Vic and I are so excited to be your Bellagio travel guide and help you have the best possible experience!