Balancing Photography and Parenthood with Abbi Hearne

We were thrilled to have Abbi Hearne on the show for this episode of Say Cheese. She’s an adventurous wedding photographer and a lover of travel.

Abbi didn’t just fall into photography—she entered the industry with purpose right after university, where she majored in art education. With an interest in creativity and art, her photography journey began with an internship with a wedding photographer in Austin. This ignited a passion within her, which marked the first steps toward becoming a professional photographer.

She knew the road to success was to throw herself into it without hesitation. She signed up for countless free webinars and guides and devoured every bit of knowledge about being a photographer. 

Becoming a Master Juggler

Juggling logistics, a library of learning materials, and travel with her husband were in many ways intimidating, but they also came with a dose of thrill and excitement. Their journey on the road wasn’t just about setting up a business, it was about sharing experiences, exploring new places, and building a unique life.

For Abbi, entering a new phase of life as a parent while running a successful business has proven challenging, exhilarating, fulfilling and everything in between. The Hearne family have gracefully balanced their roles as parents and entrepreneurs.

Callan, Abbi’s husband, takes on the primary care of their daughter while Abbi manages the many aspects of running a business. They also have a local babysitter helping out whenever they shoot together. This harmony hasn’t just influenced their lifestyle; it changed their perspective on their work, enhancing their connection to their clients and shedding new light on the concept of love.

Adventures Abound

With ideas brewing about their future, they are ready for new adventures while prioritizing their family. Their love for their work and their aspirations as parents beautifully co-exist, forming the soul of their brand.

From the beautiful landscapes of Alaska to the serene surroundings of Moab, Utah, Abbi Hearne’s story is a testament to building a life and business on your own terms. Her commitment to lifelong learning, willingness to navigate through uncertainties, and ability to balance personal and professional life continue to inspire many around the world.

Let’s revel in the joy of photography and celebrate a life full of adventure, new experiences, and abundant cheese!