Corey Potter with Fuel Your Photos  Mastering the Art of SEO for Photographers with Corey Potter

Mastering the Art of SEO for Photographers with Corey Potter

The Difference Between Serving a Market and Creating a Market

Standing out amidst all the other photographers out there is a formidable challenge in today’s digital age, but one that you can overcome by mastering SEO for photographers.

Enter Corey Potter, one of the masterminds behind Fuel Your Photos, whose mission offers a guiding light for photographers navigating the often confusing topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How Fuel Your Photos Began

Armed with expertise in web development and SEO, Corey’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of understanding and leveraging websites as potent business tools.

His thriving photography business has transitioned into an educational platform thanks to his deep understanding of how SEO works.

Corey’s ultimate goal is to demystify SEO and empower photographers to harness its potential.

Fuel Your Photos wasn’t born overnight. For Corey, the shift from photography to web guru began with a desire to debunk industry myths and show just how powerful SEO can be. He’s all about real results and practical examples, and that’s what Fuel Your Photos is all about too.

Creating Content That Counts

Getting noticed as a photographer is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Corey is big on writing long-form informative content that’s more than just pretty pictures. It’s about crafting blogs and articles that not only look good but also pull in the right crowd. Think of it as building a relationship with your audience through your website. 

Not only is creating long-form content important, but the type of content matters too. Creating content that solves the problems of your ideal clients is key.

Create solutions for your audience. They will Google and search for information that will help them plan their wedding, so answer questions about the area, recommendations for vendors, locations for shooting, the list goes on.

By answering frequently searched questions, you’re not only giving them solutions to their burning questions but leading them directly to your website too.

He also advises you to get published. Publications such as “Style Me Pretty” and “Green Wedding Shoes” offer brand authority and valuable backlinks to your website. 

These backlinks aren’t just handy call-to-actions that lead people to your website; they’re also great ways to showcase your work beautifully and authoritatively.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Leaning into a very specific, unique audience and honing in on your personality as the thing that makes you different from other photographers can be so valuable! Not just for high rankings, but to stand out from your competitors.

How are we going to differentiate ourselves? What makes us unique, what makes us special, and what makes us the thing people want? That’s embracing your personality.

Having a website that tells your audience that they are in the right place is also key to attracting new clients. The moment a user opens up your home page, it should be very evident that they are in the right place.

What can you include on the home page that makes it extremely clear that you are the right photographer for them? Making a personal connection immediately so that your audience knows you are their people and they want to hang out with you for the next year or so of wedding planning.

In Corey’s world, SEO isn’t just some techy term; it’s the secret sauce to a thriving photography business. It’s about making sure your amazing work gets seen by the right people.

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From basic SEO for photographers to crafting killer content, Corey’s got the lowdown on how to turn clicks into cash. You can learn more about Corey and Fuel Your Photos HERE or join his popular Facebook group HERE

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