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This podcast is for photographers and creatives who are tired of the constant chase for perfection and want to be surrounded by people that understand you, just like us :)

It turns out that saying “cheeeese” is the perfect word for getting people to smile :)

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Finally, a friend by your side who will support and guide you as you grow your business and passion for photography.

Through personal stories and advice, we show you how to evolve as an artist and photographer so you can love your artistic journey and self growth and become the best version of yourself.

Remember to Say Cheese! and smile along the way ☺️

Calling all adventurers, artists, and creative souls. 

Are you ready for an inside look at what it takes to not become burned out on your journey? how to be a creative in a lifelong journey of learning and growth?

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I used to think being a photographer meant being a starving artist. Now, as an award-winning international wedding photographer whose work has been published in the pages of magazines I read as a little girl (like Elle Italia), I know it's possible to thrive as a creative and make money doing what you love.

Every week, you'll get a look at the behind-the-scenes of how to grow a photography business and journeys we go ono. I've analyzed and will share with you what it takes to get started (tools), how to break through mental blocks (mindset), and an honest and sincere account of life as a destination wedding photographer (experience).

Ciao, I'm Lilly!

A small-town girl who managed to step out of her comfort zone to become a destination wedding photographer, traveling and working all over the world.

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As an international wedding photographer whose job is to travel, explore, photograph, meet new people, and be out in the world, I spent the first few months of the lockdown feeling depressed and unhappy. Instead of letting this difficult situation get the best of me, I focused my attention on this podcast so I could teach photographers like you how to take the first step towards the photography business you're ready to create, even amidst uncertainty.

As photographers and humans, we universally know the expression "Say Cheese!". It's used to get us to smile in photographs and has a clichè feeling to it. The idea was to re-interpret that underlying meaning of smiling and feeling good :) Think positively and withoout limitations. Be grateful for what we have, don't compare ourselves to idealized versions of others, understand that we have the power to change ourselves. And do it all with a smile...SAY CHEESE!


Say Cheese?

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"I wanted to tell you that I have immense respect for you, both as a person and as a professional. Sometimes, when I feel down and think that I could open my own business and work with my passion for photography! And when I think of you, this dream seems more feasible and closer. I wanted to tell you that looking at your photos makes me dream! But when I think about my current job and feel sad, I know I just need to find the courage to dive in, just like you did.

So, this message doesn't have a specific purpose... except to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being a point of reference and to tell you that I really hope your podcast gives me the confidence and courage needed to finally start living the life I want ❤"

A hug, Giulia

"It might be a peculiar time of making decisions for me, but hearing your story and your enthusiasm in sharing it, and thinking that yes, it is possible to get where one wants to be, hearing you so clear and unfiltered, is both moving and motivating at the same time. You are a force and a great point of reference. 😍🤍"

"You really are amazing! I really needed that 😅 You have such genuineness and determination to spare!! I can't wait for the next episode!
I hope one day to have the opportunity to meet you in person because you are a great woman and an inspiration to me. The content you share has the power to enrich the people who follow you! Have a good evening 🦸🏼‍♀️"

"Thank you 🥰 I cried because yours is a beautiful story and I see so much of myself in it. Unfortunately, I am at a moment full of fears, feeling stuck and still unable to take the decisive step; I hope to find the courage with your help ☺️ congratulations on everything and I can't wait to listen to the next episodes 😍"

"Lilly, I just listened to your podcast!! Wonderful 🤩 and what an amazing husband you have by your side! Four years ago, I was faced with a choice: try to become an entrepreneur or continue being an employee.

What can I say... I chose to dive in! It's not easy, but with the right people by your side, it's a wonderful experience."

"America played a crucial role for me too ❤️ I was unhappy! I worked as a marketing attendant and receptionist at a hotel where I had to endure daily bullying from my bosses, while the owner's daughter stole my work and took the credit.
But I always had a passion... photography!
In 2013, I was in New York on vacation with my boyfriend, and upon returning from the vacation, I quit my job, started an additional six-month photography course, and the following year, I opened my own VAT number and studio. And here I am, seven years later ❤️

This year I bought a house and can't wait to start realizing all my other dreams 😊"

"I hadn't had the chance to listen to your podcast yet, the only thing I feel like saying to you…

IT'S AWESOME!!! Go girl with the soft R (which I think is very sweet)!!! I'm looking forward to the next episode 😘👍❤️"

"Hi! I just finished listening to the first episode of the podcast and I just wanted to say: THANK YOU so much for sharing your story. I found myself in so many things at least in part... and in this moment of blockage for me, listening to you and your story has been very beautiful and inspiring. Thank you!!! Yes, I know, we don't know each other and I'm writing to you as if we did. But maybe, in some way, new technology creates "virtual" acquaintances. Thanks again! Giada"

"I think we are in a world full of opportunists, people who want to exploit others just to get ahead and not for the beauty of learning stories and being inspired. Instead, I feel really very lucky to have met you ❤️"

"I followed it all, word for word 😍 Can't wait to listen to the next episode! My dream is to become a photographer too! In the meantime, I practice in the moments when I don't have to work; who knows if I'll also find the courage one day to do like you.
Hello Lilly, thank you for this podcast❤️❤️❤️"

"I listened to the podcast and I too believe that support is needed to have a personal dimension. It takes courage to step beyond the limit.

It's only the experiences that give back energy. The emotion is immense, and it needs to be shared.
I've always dreamed of being a make-up artist, but allowing myself to pursue it was a turning point for me. Only when I do what I love does the world stop, and the enthusiasm for living overwhelms me, overcoming every worry, every judgment.

I'm still caught up in many stumbles and countless embarrassments or inadequacies, but time and again my passion ❤️‍🔥 makes me look beyond."

"Lilly hello ❤ I listened to your podcast, I think you're right about everything! I've already started my comeback, and the whole universe is on my side! Despite the world being full of wedding planners, I have suppliers waiting for me, calling me, looking for me, blindly trusting me, and adoring every tiny job I do. Despite this, though, I have to fight against myself every day and give myself that mental push to say "go ahead, you have nothing to lose!!" It's absurd but it's really like that!

That said, I Love, Love, Love your photos!!!!! ❤❤❤"

"I always follow you and hope in my own small way to become like you one day. I tell you that you are absolutely right! We create our own luck and hearing your story, your experiences, and your life moves me deeply, allowing me to see myself in them too. Great and humble Lilly, we are not alone but we are not for everyone either. Whenever I feel down, I'll put on the “MINDSET” podcast 🙏 Never give up! Bye my friend! I adore you! Period🤩😍💪🌈⭐"

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