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Blogging for Wedding Photographers: Don’t Fall for These 6 False Expectations!

Maybe you’ve tried writing blog posts after reading about how to promote a wedding photography business. 

Maybe you stuck with it for a while, but it didn’t pan out for you. 

If that’s the case (or even if you’re just now dipping your foot into blogging for wedding photographers), it’s likely that one of these false expectations made you feel like blogging just doesn’t work for your brand. 

So keep scrolling! Because we’re addressing 6 major blogging false expectations we don’t want wedding photographers to fall for. And we’re sharing how to avoid doing so for each one:

Bride and groom epic staircase at Chateau de Chantilly, a curated photo after learning tips for blogging for wedding photographers

1. False Expectation: Blogging for Wedding Photographers Is “Dead”

It wasn’t too long ago that everyone seemed to be on the blogging bandwagon. If you had a small business (or even if you didn’t), chances are you had a blog. 

Nowadays, it seems like more established businesses have let their blogs drift to the wayside. And newer businesses aren’t opting to start up a blog at all. 

For one reason: they think blogging is dead. After all, it’s 2023. We have Instagram. We have TikTok. They’re filled with instant gratification and ideal clients begging to find your account! 

Don’t get us wrong – we love both of those platforms. But we believe that blogging is an essential part of your marketing plan. 

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Blogging with Strategy

As a wedding photographer, you aren’t just an artist. You’re a business owner. One thing that comes with that title? Marketer. 

Having a solid marketing strategy is so important to running a successful business. And one key part of that is weaving blogging into it! 

Using blogging as a part of a marketing strategy will actually make your marketing so much easier overall.

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2. False Expectation: If You Post It…Readers Will Come

There’s no denying that coming up with blog posts takes work. Between gathering your images and writing down your memories from the wedding day, it does take time and energy to get a single post published. 

But blogging isn’t like Instagram. 

Once you post it, you aren’t immediately flooded with likes and comments and shares. 

Instead, for most people, you just hear…crickets. 

So we can see why blogging for wedding photographers can feel disheartening, especially after you spent so much time writing it. 

But it doesn’t always have to bring crickets. Blogging is supposed to still work for you! You just have to learn how to make sure it does. 

The best way to do that? Learn as much as you can about SEO for wedding photographers and how you can implement those tools into your blog posts. 

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Optimizing Your Posts for Search Engines

Thousands of couples who are planning their wedding search for destination wedding photographers on Google and other search engines every month. 

That means your brand has the opportunity to appear in front of them in the search results – if you optimize your posts for those search engines.

So how do you do that? 

It starts with checking each of these boxes:

  • Identifying a relevant keyword for the blog post topic
  • Optimizing your images so they’re SEO-friendly (including resizing or compressing if needed, adding alternate text, and re-naming the images)
  • Adding links to other relevant blog posts on your site
  • Upping the page load speed of your website
  • Finding ways to add backlinks to your site

While we have another blog post that shares some of our top SEO tips for wedding photographers, you’ll also learn all about SEO for wedding photographers in Your Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography!

3. False Expectation: You Have to Come Up with a New Post Every Single Week

Five to ten years ago? That was the common strategy when it came to blogging for wedding photographers. 

“You have to blog every single week!” They’d say. “It’s the only way to bring traffic to your site!” They’d shout. 

Hearing that… knowing that you had to carve time out of your already busy schedule was enough to have way too many destination wedding photographers dropping their blogging habit before they even picked it up. 

But just like everything else, times have changed. And in this case? It’s definitely changed for the better. 

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Posting Consistently Is Better Than Posting Sporadically

Nowadays, blogging every single week is an outdated strategy (one that we’re happy to wave goodbye to!). 

And you can write it off as a myth if you hear someone still shouting it from the rooftops. 

Don’t get us wrong – if you can (or want to) blog every single week, there is nothing wrong with that. As long as your posts are still high quality, it can only help your brand! 

But if you can’t blog each week…

If you don’t have the time…

If you don’t want to blog each week…

You do not have to. 

Blogging is a long-game strategy. One single blog post can bring in traffic for months or even years after you first publish it, once it starts gaining traction. 

So what works instead? Blogging high-quality content as consistently as possible. Consistent is the operative word, here. It’s going to be different for everyone, and consistency might change as your business changes. 

For a brand new business, they might have more time to devote to writing evergreen, educational content each week. 

For someone who’s well-established and is juggling a jam-packed schedule of clients, blogging a high-quality post once a month or quarter is what they can commit to. 
The point is – don’t worry if you can’t blog once a week. Commit to what you can do, and stick with it! Your business will thank you for it later.

4. False Expectation: Your Ideal Wedding Photography Clients Want to See the Other Couples You’ve Photographed

We know this is a hot take! Because the “industry standard” right now is to share all about the couple, including how they met and their entire love story. 

But here’s the truth…

Your ideal wedding photography client doesn’t really care about that. They read right over that info. Why? Because they don’t know that couple. 

And they’re not looking for love stories. They’re looking for the right wedding photographer who they can trust to capture all of the moments of their day. 

So take it from us – ditch that “industry standard.” Instead…

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Show Your Ideal Clients What You Can Do for Them

When you write your blog posts, think about the parts of the wedding day you’re showcasing that will resonate with your future clients. 

Talk about how you scouted locations for the first look beforehand so they weren’t standing around while you found a spot to take their photos. 

Tell them about how you handled the portraits, despite the rainy weather. 

Walk them through how you helped them create their wedding day timeline with their photos in mind. 
You can absolutely use the couple you’re blogging about as an example! But make sure it all ties back into what your ideal client cares about.

5. False Expectation: You Have to Post Every Photo from a Wedding in Your Blog Posts

Please. Please, please, don’t do this. For many reasons! 

The first is, if you were to include every photo from a wedding in your blog post, you’d drag the site speed down on your website so far and so fast. Google would be incredibly unhappy! 

Plus, we promise that your ideal wedding photography client doesn’t want to see every photo. Similar to the false expectation above, your ideal clients don’t care to see all of the family and group photos because they simply don’t know anyone in them. 

And finally, if you were to include every photo from a wedding in your blog post, you’d get burned out pretty quickly. After all, one wedding can create anywhere from 500 to 2,000 photos! You certainly don’t need to spend all your time trying to upload those to your blog post. 

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Curating Your Images Creates a Blog Post Your Clients Want to Read

Instead, curate your images for each blog post. Curate them with your ideal client in mind! What do they want to see? Then, select the best possible photos to showcase that. 

For example, our dreamiest destination wedding photography clients have a great sense of wanderlust. They want to travel, they want to see and experience new places and different cultures. 

So in our wedding photography blog posts, we include epic destinations and scenery from the weddings we’ve captured! 

Our dreamiest clients also love fashion. So you best believe we include all of the most fashionable photos. 

And we know our dreamiest clients have a taste for the finer things in life, so we’re sure to include the high-end wedding day details that they’ll love, such as gorgeous crafted invitation suite flat lays and luxurious tablescape designs. 

The goal in doing so is to help them envision what their wedding will be like, and what the photos can look like with us as their photographers!

Colorful, luxurious tablescape design for Tuscany wedding

6. False Expectation: Nobody Reads Blog Posts Anymore

This goes right along with the idea that blogging is dead. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In this case, you may have a false expectation of the way future clients read blog posts. 

With their attention being pulled in so many different directions, very few people now sit and read a single blog post, line by line. 

Instead, they skim and scroll. 

They skim the text as they scroll down the page, looking for anything to jump out at them and snag their attention. Once their attention is snagged, then they start reading. 

Blogging for Wedding Photographers Tip That Actually Works: Formatting Blog Posts So They Are Easier to Read

Because the way people read blog posts is different than it used to be, you have to make sure you format your posts so they are easier to read. 

Here are some tips on how to write a wedding blog that someone wants to read: 

  • Break up large chunks of text with headings and subheadings
  • Instead of grouping all of your wedding photography at the end of your blog post, include photos throughout your post
  • Skip sharing the backstory of the couple. Instead, focus on how you photographed the wedding day (so your ideal client can see what to expect on their wedding day!)
  • Curate your images so you’re including the best of the best to make a greater impact on your reader
Bride and groom epic Chateau de Chantilly portrait

The main takeaway here? When you commit to blogging with a strategy and with optimized content for search engines, it can have huge benefits for your wedding photography brand! 

We know just how important blogging for wedding photographers is. So we created an entire lesson on it in the Your Ticket to Destination Wedding Photography course! 

Want a more in-depth look at how to create blog posts that work for your brand?