The Best Lightroom Presets for Destination Wedding Photographers

As a new photographer, you’re still curating, developing, and discovering your style. Still, when you admire the portfolios of other photographers and see how they’ve differentiated themselves, sometimes the comparison can feel overwhelming.

How will you stand out in a sea of other photographers? How will you discover how to pose your couples, get those lovely candid shots, and book clients whose outfits are so gorgeous they deserve a stage of their own?!

These are all compelling questions as you’re starting out. But there’s something that can be a step in the right direction! We’re talking about the best Lightroom presets.

Why Should You Consider Lightroom Presets as a Destination Wedding Photographer?

Yes, the types of clients and events we attract as photographers, as well as the posing and interaction with our clients lends to our style. But another way we stand out is through the tone, colors, and overall vibe of our photos. Enter: presets.

Some photographers prefer to create their own from scratch. However, so many established photographers have refined their own and now sell them to fellow photographers! This helps them not only speed up their Lightroom workflow but also have a polished, consistent style for every client gallery.

If you’re a destination wedding photographer or simply aspiring to be one, let us give you an inside look at our presets! And, yes, we humbly present these as the best Lightroom presets for destination wedding photographers.

Before using Lilly Red Academy’s Renaissance presets.
After using Lilly Red Academy’s Renaissance presets.

What Makes Lilly Red Academy’s the Best Lightroom Presets for Destination Wedding Photographers?

We are totally aware there are many amazing presets out there for photographers of all industries to invest in. However, some of those cater to photographers of all niches. That may not necessarily be a bad thing. But, what works for a nature and landscape photographer may not work for you, as a destination wedding photographer (or an aspiring one!).

That’s why we’ve created the most spectacular Lightroom presets specifically designed with destination wedding photographers in mind. We don’t want your wedding galleries to look average. We want to help you make sure they look exceptional.

And these presets will help you do it! Here’s how:

Our presets are editorial.

It may seem like ‘editorial’ is a buzzy concept. But we’d like to think our presets truly embody what editorial means. The specific tones we’ve used to create the presets are not only inspired by magazines (especially the pages of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar) but also by the Italian master artists. They were known for their vibrant colors, evocative details, and bold spirit. Our Lilly Red presets reflect those same qualities!

So, ask yourself these questions. Do you ever find yourself flipping through magazines for inspiration? Are you passionate about the beauty of an outfit? Are you in love with traveling the world or taken aback by great landscapes? If you answered yes to any of them, then an editorial style could be just what you’re looking for to elevate your photos.

Our presets come in both color and black & white.

When we present galleries to our clients, we love to incorporate black and white photos alongside bold, vibrant, colorful images. Our preset pack comes with four color presets and two black and white presets so you’re equipped to choose the best possible choice for each photo and gallery.

Our presets have custom brushes.

When you edit your photos from scratch, you end up having to reinvent the wheel every time you make small changes to each photo. Luckily, our presets are the best because of the custom brushes that give you everything you need to edit your photos easily.

Plus, we’ve included a custom brush we call Pop The Dress. This special brush helps bring out the details on a wedding gown and generally makes your images pop and sparkle. Your clients will be in love with the thoughtful touches you add to each image in their gallery!

Our presets come with guides and helpful tips.

Unlike some preset packs which are, quite literally, a link to import into your Lightroom, our presets are not only thoughtfully created. They’re also made for newer and experienced photographers alike.

With our Italian-inspired, editorial presets, we’ve also included installation instructions, our signature editing workflow guide, and even video tutorials with 60 minutes of editing tips. Instead of leaving you hanging, we give you an inside look at how we use the presets on real client galleries to get the most epic photos.

If that’s not enough, we also invite you to our private Facebook group with community support, guest speakers, and trainings so you can connect with other photographers, learn from us, and practice using the presets in real-time.

Bride groom on boat in Italy photograph edited with Lilly Red preset
After using Lilly Red Academy’s Renaissance presets.

Have we convinced you yet? Click here to shop and purchase the best Lightroom presets for destination wedding photographers. We promise you’ll love them!