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Do You Know Who Your Ideal Client Is?

Have you heard photographers speak of the elusive ‘ideal client’ before? Have you been just a bit confused about the whole thing? Anyone who wants to get photography done is your ideal client, right? Not exactly…

As a wedding photographer, and especially as a destination wedding photographer, knowing your ideal client is how you’re going to book the stunning destination weddings you’ve always dreamed of shooting one day. When I say ideal client, I’m talking about the exact person you want as part of your community and the exact type of client that you want to work with

Imagining the exact clients you’d like to take photos of on one of the most important days of their life actually helps you in every single thing you do–from what you post on social media to how you use targeted ads and more. Becoming laser focused on who your ideal client is will be what takes you from shooting whatever comes your way, to photographing only weddings that make you come alive.

Why is knowing your ideal client so important?

When you know who your ideal client is, you are able to tailor everything you do towards them. You’re increasing the chances that they will find you and fall in love with what you do. They’ll be the people who say yes to you no matter the price or any other logistics–you’ll be the one for them and no one else will do!

Here’s 5 reasons why knowing who your ideal client is so important and will be the game changer to elevating your business.

Craft Specific Messages to your Ideal Client

The moment you figure out exactly who your ideal client is,  you can ensure every single thing that you say appeals specifically to them. You can talk their language, walk in their shoes, and really figure out exactly what to say that will show them what you do is what they need. As a photographer, you know that to get your ideal destination wedding client (who is planning their wedding somewhere stunning and meaningful) to book you, you need to focus all your messaging on how you capture the places and the people, how you pay attention to the special details, and capture the moments that will last a lifetime. How could a client resist?

Focus your Target

No need to waste time! Focusing on your ideal client means you spend your most precious resource–your time–doing what matters; putting your energy into marketing yourself and your work to those who will be the most eager to work with you. Instead of trying to focus on everyone and hoping that you connect with your ideal client, it’s more effective to focus on your target from the start. No more crossing your fingers and hoping you get to work with your idea couple but being strategic in finding them.

Reach the Right Audience

Part of determining who your ideal client is involves considering who the person actually booking you will be. Is it the bride? Groom? Mother of the bride? If you know that it’s most often brides who are reaching out to you and working out details, then you’ll want to ensure the bride is your ideal client. We know wedding photos are a treasure for everyone, but the person actually booking you is the person you want to connect with as your ideal client.

Identify an Under-served Market

Rather than trying to serve every couple getting married or, if you’re like me, every couple having a destination wedding, identify an under-served market or a niche market. So if you want to shoot destination weddings, do you want to take photograph at all-inclusive resorts or in rustic, authentic destinations where people maybe have family? You can see how you might speak to both of these couples differently when marketing. By honing in on a smaller market and understanding your niche, you can best serve your ideal client with your unique style and offerings. 

Cost-effective Paid Advertising

We all know how crucial paid advertising is on social media. Algorithms make it tricky to reach your ideal client organically so paid advertising is often the way to go. Once you know who your ideal client is, you can target them specifically which has the potential to turn into more booked sessions. For example, if your ideal client is an adventurous, active young couple who is recently engaged, you can target audiences based on their relationship status (recently engaged), between the ages of 20-35, who are interested in physical activity, travel, hiking,  outdoor recreation and more. Isn’t it amazing how you can be that specific when targeting?  You’ll save money and get a better return on investment by using a targeted market strategy. 

How can you determine who your ideal client is?

After reading all that, I know you’re bubbling up with excitement to figure out who your ideal client is! Good news–I have a questionnaire just for you that will guide you through a brainstorming session to find clarity on your ideal client. You’ll uncover who they are, what their interests are, where they like to shop, how they dress – and all these details will provide clues to how you can build a stronger connection with your ideal client.

Ready to find out who your ideal client is?

Click HERE to fill out the questionnaire. 

I’d love to hear more about who your ideal client is once you put the time into determining who they are. Come back here and let me know.

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November 3, 2021

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