So, You Know Who Your Ideal Client Is?

What’s the next step?

Learning who your ideal client is can be one of the most rewarding things. After feeling stagnant and unsure on what to do next, determining who your ideal client actually is can feel like a weight off your shoulders and like you have hope for what will come next for you. 

Now that you have this valuable information, it’s time to use it!

If you’re wondering what we are talking about, click HERE to read all about the importance of determining your ideal client.

Once I determined who my ideal client was I knew things would have to change– the pictures I shared, the way I pitched myself and the work I took on. I wanted every single thing I did to ooze the language of my ideal client. I wanted them to not be able to deny themselves the desire to work with me when they came across my website or my Instagram page. There had to be an instant spark. With that in mind, I started implementing my knowledge of my ideal client into everything I did.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with this information to apply it your business and begin seeing the results.

Problems & Solutions

Every single service or product in the world is designed to meet a need. What you offer as a photographer is no different. Take some time and list out what your ideal clients’ needs are and the problems they often face. Then, list out the solution you, their potential photographer, can solve for them.

For example, if your ideal client is a newly engaged couple who loves adventure and wants a destination wedding, they may be facing hurdles of knowing how to even begin the destination wedding process- how do they find a venue? Do they work with a local wedding planner? How early before the wedding should they go to the destination? There are so many questions that you can help answer since this is your expertise! An even bigger question they may have– do photographers even travel to destinations for weddings? Your answer, YES! You can begin to share all this information so when your ideal client finds you, they find answers to all their questions making you the person they want to have by their side for this experience. 


The photos on your website should align with the sessions you desire to do more of– which are exactly the images your ideal client wants to see that will make their jaws drop and contact you without hesitation. If your ideal clients are engaged couples who love the great outdoors, why is your website full of family studio work? Do an audit of your website and make sure the images you’re showing align with the type of work that you want to be producing.  Not only is showing the type of imagery on your site important, but make sure that that type of content is easy to find on your website. Make sure the first option on your website shows the primary work you’re going after. Remember that user behavior goes to the first and easiest option to find when arriving on your homepage! Adjust accordingly and set the tone for potential clients.

Marketing Strategy

You’re probably thinking that it’s sounding like knowing who your ideal client is impacts EVERYTHING– you’re right! Your entire marketing strategy from what you’re posting on social media to where you’re advertising with paid ads must take into consideration your ideal client. When you’re posting on social media ask yourself, could my ideal client see themselves in these images? When you’re taking out ads, think about if your ideal client would even be on the website or platform. I like to think of marketing as opportunities to introduce yourself to your ideal client. Make a great first impression and you’ll see what happens next! 


Being published is a great way to get discovered by your ideal client and to get your name out there! If you want to shoot for a specific magazine, for example, find their media kit online. It will not only break down what the magazine is all about, but there may also be an editorial calendar that shows you what they need for future issues. You can capitalize on the sessions you have booked and on styled sessions to get in. If you dream of working for a specific brand, you can do a Google search to find the brand’s strategy, which will be full of information about what they are trying to accomplish through their advertising. Finding these resources will help you think through how your own work can address their needs.

Ideal client is about so much more than booking the next session- it’s about becoming known for the work you want to create and having clients who believe in you and your work, reaching new clients in unique ways and continuing to grow and evolve as an artist. Taking the knowledge of your ideal client and harnessing it in everything you do is going to make a profound impact on all you do. And, my friends, we are just scratching the surface.

Let’s dive more into who your Ideal Client is and how you can serve them in our upcoming course. Join the waiting list HERE! 

November 3, 2021

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